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Gilly Baillie


Always passionate about art and design and after training in both fashion design and business management I have a good grounding in both these areas as well as an understanding that all design be a workable solution creatively, practically and financially.

I have produced my own label and worked as in house designer in the fashion industry. Enjoying both the practical challenges as much as the creative I have learnt that excellence is not only achievable but is the only acceptable result.

Seeing a gap in the market in New Zealand I moved into a completely different field, setting up an importing company offering high end architectural hardware products targeting the specifier market continues, to this day, to win many awards for innovation.

More recently, setting up a company that imports and specifies fine ‘ligne de maison’ (White Linen) has ultimately let me to begin using all of my design and construction strengths, becoming involved in the design and project management of interiors for private residences and both refit and new build boats.

Refit of boats

New Zealand is fast becoming known as one of the best refit destinations in the world; not only having a well earned reputation for very fine workmanship but also as a well priced alternative offering real value and the added benefit of wonderful local cruising once the project is complete.

After working with many boats here in New Zealand for various levels of refit work I am able to offer a variety of services, ranging from a complete interior refit to simply needing to replace linens ans soft furnishings. I can be involved to any extent – full interior design and supply and oversee the manufacture and fitting of all interior/exterior furnishings and coverings required or to coordinate and project manage the purchasing, production, quality control and fitting of all components. My many years in the importing business give me the ability to source product from around the world without difficulty.

New Build Boats

Most often I work with the owners or owner’s representative in conjunction with the yard design team to advise and assist in producing the look that will satisfy all areas of the brief. As with the refit projects, it may be that I am driving the design or I may be providing the local input to achieve an end product for an offshore design team, or a combination of both. I provide full budgets and cost analysis for my part in the project and control quality and production to achieve the desired end result.

My background in many different areas of design and construction has given me strong ability to think outside the square and to produce solutions to design issues that are exciting and innovative while still being workable.

These new build projects are always the combined work of a great many people and I see my role as an essential cog in this wheel. New Zealand yards launch some of the most beautiful boats in the world every year and it is very exciting to be making a contribution to the end result.

Residential/Hospitality Interior Design

I take time to get to know my clients; to get a feel for what is going to make them comfortable while at the same time bring them something new that will make them feel inspired and excited by their project. I have found that every client in fact has a strong idea of where they would like the design to lead them and my role is to help develop this and to flesh out their own sense of style.

It is always hard and a little limiting to put a label on style, however given my textile background I am very moved by texture. I find my designs always lean towards the natural; the organic – leather, fibre, timber, stone, steel all used in their most raw and natural form. I believe that this approach can be applied to both traditional and contemporary styling and I guess my favourite look could be described as “organic urban industrial takes on tradition”!


Please get in touch with me for further information or to discuss how I could assist on an upcoming project.

Telephone +64(0)93615934
Mobile +64(0)21958239
Skype gilly-baillie